WordPress is one of the most popular buzz words in the internet universe. Any internet user is sure to have heard the word at one point or another. From humble beginnings, WordPress has grown to become a power house in the world of blogging and website content management. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s understand what WordPress is about. WordPress started out as a free blogging platform. It later diversified into developing website management software, which has literally taken over the internet with over 60 million websites using WordPress today. The free blogging platform still exists where anyone can set up a blog and express their thoughts and feelings. However, this article seeks to dig deeper into the content management software.

First of all, WordPress is open source. This basically means that if you are a developer, you have been given all the freedom to make modifications and improvements to the system. Because of this, WordPress has immense technical support from numerous contributors. Whenever you encounter an obstacle when developing a WordPress site, just carry out a web search of the problem you have and you will be certain to get solutions from WordPress experts from all over the world. The other advantage of WordPress being open source is that it is packed with resources in terms of themes and plugins. With this variety, your options are limitless.

Ease of use is always a key feature of any system and WordPress is no exception. WordPress is famous for its 5 minute installation. It is very easy and you do not need to have prior knowledge of the system for you to install. Once you set it up, you can proceed to developing the look of your website and setting up the content, which may be text, images or videos. The dashboard which is the central area of operations is also easy to use. From there you control everything. You can install themes and plugins. It is also there where you add the content of your website. You may also set up pages and posts, which form the basics of WordPress.

As earlier said, WordPress is full of themes. Some are free, making it possible for you to set up your website for very little. All you have to do is to install a free theme and make it unique by customizing it. You may also want better quality and a more premium look and feel for your website. In this case, you can purchase premium themes. Their prices range between $30 and $100. Most of these themes are truly world class and if implemented well, will make your website stand out.

There are also plugins available which help you, as a web designer, to add functionality to your WordPress managed website. This is especially useful for sites running on free themes which might not have a lot of features. You can implement plugins, which serve numerous purposes including social media integration and e-commerce capabilities. The other benefit of using plugins is that the web designer only needs to include plugins which serve the purpose of the website. The site does not need to have all features which may consume server resources.

For you to make complete use of WordPress, you need to know CSS, PHP and MySQL. If you are a newbie web developer, this may be difficult. All this is made easier with TemplateToaster. With this awesome program, you can develop themes on WordPress and you do not need to be a programming guru. Just drag and drop whatever you want to include on your theme. Know more about TemplateToaster.