The visual editor provides you with a one-stop solution to design templates free of cost. Yes, you heard that right! You can select, customize, and build impressive looking designs in just a few clicks. The pre-designed free templates help you come up with a start point for your online project. All you need to do is give a personal touch, by customizing the design as you require, try something that reflects on your brand and business. Explore ideas and your creative vision with our free templates. Whether you want to start a new business, create a portfolio of your work, build an online store, start blogging, or anything else- we have a wide selection of designs for all and that too for free.

Our design gallery features niche-specific designs. From art, sports, pets and animals, education, real estate, food and restaurant, fashion, and many more, we have templates designs that cover almost every category and niches.

In today’s time having an online presence is a must, and the most important way of doing so is by having a great website. You can easily find templates that fulfil your needs and allow you to build highly professional looking web designs. We make sure that all of our drag and drop editors meet the latest web standards. And the unique designs includes a wide selection of templates that are suitable for various kinds of niche-specific online projects, small, medium, & large businesses, startups, so you can take up all kinds of online projects that happen to come to you.

We offers you premium quality designs that you can download in a click a template of your choice. Our pre-designed free templates are based upon the latest Bootstrap framework, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based pre-made solutions. The standard code are loaded with designing elements to help you create impressive and highly professional looking websites.

We Pay Attention to eCommerce

Do you require pre-made templates for eCommerce or run an online store but do not know where to start? Or maybe you do not have enough knowledge of coding? Well, then do not worry, features for eCommerce templates for major platforms like Prestashop, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto, OpenCart, and more. All of our eCommerce templates are created keeping in mind the latest web development standards and market trends.

These pre-made eCommerce templates are a perfect amalgamation of design and functionality that you can bring into your designs. These include all the features and elements that you require to build conversion-oriented sites. With features like seamless navigation, user-friendly styles, advanced search options, products and category pages, and many other add ons that make eCommerce templates by us stand out from the rest.

Free Templates with Spectacular Graphics and Designs

Includes a unique templates, so you can find a highly impressive collection of niche-specific templates with high-quality graphics and designs. So you can give your website an amazing look and feel. Besides, you also get to enhance the user interface, customize the fonts, backgrounds, seamless navigation, and so on. These templates allow you to create a great long-lasting impression on the viewers, create a brand identity, and stand out from your competitors.

Elliptically, the visual editor has all of the features and quality that you require in pre-designed templates. The drag and drop editor offers you all the elements you need to create a distinctive and quirky looking website or design any other online project. So, make sure to browse our individual designs, for different CMSs and eCommerce related platforms, and select the one that meets up your industry requirements.

Our Futuristic Templates Design

We are happy to bring to you a wide range of pre-designed templates that contain amazing graphics and features to help you design one-of-a-kind websites. Briefly, the package includes a home page, and various sets of elements used for designing a basic website (contact form, editable texts, images, fonts and assets, etc.).

Besides, using our free templates also means that you can work on the pre-made elements, while also modify these elements and give your web design a personalized touch. In addition, you do not have to learn coding to modify these design, plus it’s a great way to keep your audience engaged.

Free Templates Features:

Unique Clean Designs

Every single work in our list is unique and true to its category, which is certainly a great option to build web designs or an online project. The pre-designed visual editor can be tailored to your business and website needs. So, you can build standard code that are clean, intuitive, and meet the specific requirement of your online project.

Distinctive Typography

Our pre-designed templates allow you to give your website a distinctive and individualistic look and feel, something that defines your brand or business in the best way. Our exclusively styled typography presents you with a way to make your design look elegant. Also, all of our templates support Google Font Library so you can choose the most suitable fonts for your website.

100% Responsive Templates

Responsive templates allow you to give your customers a one-of-a-kind experience. Thus, you can build highly functional, professional, and elegant looking designs in a flash. These mobile-ready blocks are a must if you want to reach out to a wider audience and also create a good impression. With our fully responsive templates needless worry about usability, as the website loads faster whether on the desktop version or mobile version. Besides, responsive designs are proven to rank higher on search engines.

SEO-Friendly Templates

Remember while choosing the best templates design SEO is the most crucial aspect. Our premade templates are optimized for search engines to help your website rank. Thus, our template designs help your website perform well through an optimized URL structure, valid coding, schema markup, responsive themes with clean and sleek design, multilingual support, the latest Bootstrap framework, and more in-built features.

Easy to Customize

Now, boosting sales and branding for your business or brand is easier than ever. Do you own a business, real estate company, sports club or a restaurant or anything else for which you need a website? Do you only have basic knowledge of programming and no coding experience? Need not worry, as we bring to you highly advanced standard code templates that are easy to customize. You can edit these template designs in just a few clicks without needing help from a professional designer. Therefore, get professional results in a few minutes without needing to learn to code.

Cross Browser Compatibility

With so many browsing options out there, it is our responsibility to design that support cross-browser usage. Our visual editor supports major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and others. The template design performs adequately well on all browsers so you never lose out on potential customers.

Templates Categories

We offer some of the best and niche-specific pre-designed free templates that help you impressively demonstrate web design. It is a powerful tool to build an impactful marketing campaign that targets your business through social media integration. To point out, these templates are great business aids that are designed to help you generate more leads and get better conversions.

Considering our client's needs, we have put our time and effort into designing the best template design that serves your needs. Each work offers fully responsive designs that automatically adjust to the screen size and resolution of the user, regardless of the device or browser one is using. When your website design looks straightforward and clean, you will always get positive reactions from your target audience.

We bring to you designs for different categories so that these templates can serve needs for all kinds of business and brand requirements. Whether you need a pre-made template for real estate, sports club, gym, travel, medical and healthcare, pets and animals, fashion, entertainment, consulting, charity, art, and so on, we cover all of the categories. You can easily add visual elements like images, photo galleries, typography, fonts, backgrounds, colour schemes, visual infographics, and more. All of the free templates are highly customizable, so you won’t have to hire a designer to edit the designs. You can edit stock images, custom sitemaps, texts, and much more, to give your website a more personalized feel.

Using the templates designed, you get all of the necessary features, add-ons, and elements required for a highly functional and beautiful looking website. Of course, you do not have to hire a professional web designer or even learn coding to do so, these pre-designed editable templates are easy to customize. And for more details and information you can always check out our comprehensive documentation, forum, and video tutorials.

In case you need help you can contact or get in touch with our 24/7 support team through live chat or raise a ticket for technical assistance, Our highly qualified professionals are willing to help you from scratch night and day, no matter which package you choose!

So, wait no further, and get high grade professional and elegant pre-made free templates, and mark your business name by standing out from the rest.

Templates FAQs

Q.1 Can I create a website on my own using your templates?

Yes, you can easily create a website on your own even if you have no coding experience or knowledge. There is a wide selection of templates designs to choose from. All you need to do is surf through the collection of template designs, customize, and create a website just the way you like.

Q.2 What is the use of a template?

A template is a predesigned resource that you can use to create a website with a beautiful layout, attractive looking design and display features. It makes web designing a lot easier and more fun.

Q.3 Why should I use premade designs?

Pre-designed templates make it easier to create a website. These templates can provide a decent amount of flexibility and functions, and are budget-friendly.

Q.4 I do not know how to code, is it possible to create a website then?

Of course! You can use offline website builders to design professional websites without having to learn a single line of code. The fully responsive templates are super-easy to customize, so you can match the look and feel of your business or brand.

Q.5 How can I make my website mobile-friendly?

You can find templates designs that are 100% responsive. So, the web design automatically adjusts to the screen size and resolution of the device.

Q.6 How can I use the template design on the hosting server?

Once you are done customizing the template design you can easily export your template and upload it to the hosting server.

Q.7 Are these templates eCommerce friendly?

Yes, we provide eCommerce compatible template designs to help you create an eCommerce website in just a few clicks. Design your online store with the best eCommerce template designs in the market.

Q.8 Do you provide customer support?

We make sure to reach out to you as soon as possible. You can get in touch with our support team by raising a ticket or through the chat box for immediate assistance. Besides, you can also check out our exclusive documentation and forum section for more information.

Q.9 How can I choose the best template designs?

You certainly do not have to be a professional designer or developer to create a website. Thanks to the premade template designs you can easily create a website on your own, even with no coding knowledge. Here are quick tips to consider while selecting template design to create a website:

  • Consider the type of website you are creating.
  • Pay attention to the cost but do not compromise with the quality.
  • Look for template designs that offer flexibility and customization options.
  • Never forget about responsiveness.
  • Focus on SEO-friendly templates.

Q.10 When should you use premade templates?

Template designs are great options for bloggers, startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, or anyone who doesn’t have much knowledge of coding and wants to cut down the cost and. Here are a few use cases where using premade templates is the best option:

  • You have a limited time/deadline. - premade templates cut down the time you would otherwise need in coding.
  • Restricted budget- do you want to cut down the cost of hiring a developer/designer? Then premade templates are for you.
  • You do not know how to code - if you do not know HTML/CSS, you do not have to hire a developer, simply go for a website template.

Q.11 Can I build an eCommerce store using these templates?

Yes, you can easily build an online store using these templates. Simply choose the template designs and customize them just the way you want.