TemplateToaster Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Move TemplateToaster From One Computer to Another?

A: Yes, simply deactivate TemplateToaster from current computer, install it on a new computer and you’ll be able to activate it again using your purchased license key.

Q: Can I install it on more than one computer?

A: No, we allow only one activation per license key. On the demand of our prestigious customers, now we offer two activations, but both computers should be owned by a single person.

Q: Can I sell the templates or themes created with TemplateToaster?

A: Sure, you can sell the exported templates to desired number of persons.

Q: Is There any Domain related Restriction?

A: No, there is no “Domain” or “number of sites” related restriction, you can create as many templates or themes and for as many websites as you need.

Q: What if my Computer Crash?

A: Simply fix your computer, format or reinstall the operating system if needed, reinstall TemplateToaster and it should automatically allow you to reactivate it.

Q: Your Payment Methods doesn’t Suits Me?

A: We have some additional payment methods, you can contact us to for it.

Q: Does TemplateToaster Contain Templates?

A: No, TemplateToaster strictly doesn’t contain any template, it create unique theme or templates on the runtime.

Q: I have installed Trial version, Do I need to install some another version after purchase?

A: No, you need to activate your existing trial version using your purchased license key.

Q: Is there a Time limit for Trial version?

A:No, TemplateToaster Trial is not time bound, but it’ll print “Evaluation Version” watermarks all over the exported templates.

Q: Can I upgrade from Standard to Professional Edition?

A: Yes, you can upgrade from Standard to Professional Edition by paying the price difference. After upgrade payment confirmation launch TemplateToaster, go to File-> Activation-> Deactivate, now go to File-> Preferences-> Select Professional Edition and then activate with your existing key.

Q: Do you offer any Money Back Guarantee?

A: No, we provide unlimited trial and suggest you to evaluate TemplateToaster before purchasing.

Q: How Many Browsers do you Support?

A: We support all major browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari etc.

Q: Are the exported templates W3C Valid?

A: Yes, XHTML and CSS of exported template(s) is W3C valid.

Q: Are Exported templates Search Engine Friendly?

A: Yes, TemplateToaster implement organic SEO techniques for Higher Rankings.

Q:How to upgrade TemplateToaster?

A: Download latest version from our downloads page and double click on the downloaded setup file, it would automatically do the upgrade.

Q: In how many languages TemplateToaseter user interface is available?

A:TemplateToaster user interface is available in 8 Languages, please visit following page for details

Q: In how many languages the exported websites and templates work?

A: Templates and websites exported from TemplateToaster are language independent, you can use them in any language.

Q: When will my copy of TemplateToaster expire?

A: You can use your purchased TemplateToaster version for lifetime. We offer free updates for one year with every license, it means you’ll be able to upgrade to all the versions released within one year, after that period you can either update your subscription or continue using your purchased version. Yearly updates renewal(if needed) will cost you 40% of product price.

Q: Are there any restrictions of using the TemplateToaster Library Images?

A: You can use the stock images in your personal and your client’s templates but can not use in the templates that you make available as mass download for free.

Q: I can not access all the features of TemplateToaster?

A: If you purchased Professional Edition and are getting message while accessing advance options “This feature is not available in running edition. Switch to some higher edition”, Just go to File-> Activation-> Disable TemplateToaster, now go to File-> Preferences and select Professional Edition and re-activate TemplateToaster.

Q: Do you impose any restriction in Trial Version?

A: Trial version add trial watermarks all over the exported templates and you can not save your projects as .ttr file for future editing, however you can export the templates to install on your CMS like WordPress, Joomla etc.

Q: Can I design Templates/Websites/Themes for my clients?

A: Sure, there is no such restriction, you can design for your clients.

Q: What is the Maximum custom image size supported ?

A: TemplateToaster v6 support upto 2000 px images but you can use any image size in v7.

Q: Your Demo Videos does not have sound.

A: Actually we have customer around the globe who speak different languages so the sound is not feasible. Please feel free to ask your questions here if you do not find a solution in the videos.