Free Joomla 5 Templates (2024)

Get Best free Joomla 5 Templates for your next web project. They are fully responsive with a clean, minimalist and elegant design for creating websites. These templates are designed for business, agency, professional and personal websites. They can help you get started with ease. Whatever your business is, you can choose from these hundreds of downloadable Joomla 5 templates. They are designed by professionals with amazing functionality which in turn gives you a smoothly working website in no time.

What are joomla 5 Templates?

Joomla is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems. So, if you need a template for your Joomla site, then you can make use of free joomla 5 templates. You can easily customize these templates as per your needs, and entirely change the look and feel of your website. You can use the template and design by making use of elements like fonts, menu styles, colors, basic layouts, navigation control, and specific images for header and backgrounds.

Our joomla 5 Templates - Features

With Joomla 3 and joomla 5 free templates you can create a website for all niches- whether you require a website for a restaurant, institute, media, healthcare or eCommerce, there is a template designed for each. Our powerful Joomla templates are not just stunning in design but also in usability.

The Joomla templates already have all of the details in place and you can easily customize them according to your needs. joomla 5 and 3 templates are pre-built designs for websites that are built using the Joomla CMS platform. The premade free Joomla templates will save you time and money, so you can build your functional website in just a few simple steps.

Here are some of the features that you get with our Free joomla 5 Templates.

Fully Responsive

The free Joomla templates are 100% responsive and are designed to improve the overall user experience with its fully optimized layouts. The templates automatically adjust to different screen sizes whether it is for mobile phones, desktops, laptops, or others. The responsive Joomla templates will drive traffic no matter what device.

SEO Optimized Templates

All of our Joomla templates are SEO compatible and optimized to deliver the best results on the search engine. Our optimized responsive templates are designed to help your site on the search engine.

Faster Page Load Time

These Joomla templates are designed to improve the coding quality by making use of modern technologies. The templates are designed to improve the performance with faster page load time.

Safe and Secure

Security is of prime importance that is why we make sure to never compromise with security. All of our Joomla templates are designed keeping in mind the highest security standards. We try our best to eliminate each loophole to deliver you the best results.

Simple and Easy to Use

One of the main highlights of our Joomla templates is the simplicity and something that sets us apart from the rest. All of our templates are easy to use and great for beginners. They offer the flexibility you need to create a website without complicating the process. The Joomla templates are easy to use and provide you with an error-free experience with excellent compatibility.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team is there for your help, and you can rely on them. You can expect a quick response from the professionals on your queries for Joomla templates at any time.

Free Joomla Templates by TemplateToaster

Joomla lets you create a wonderful personalized working website for different purposes. And we at TemplateToaster are working hard to make it easier for you to get online with Joomla. Simply by providing you with some of the amazing open-source Joomla templates.Our collection offers you hundreds of beautiful free Joomla templates perfect for various categories. The best part is all of them are entirely responsive which means you don’t have to worry about the device or the screen size, your website will automatically fit into the screen. And other impressive features like cross-browser compatibility, retina-ready image support, Google font library, social media integration, and more.


Joomla is an open-source content management system to take your business online with ease. It has a huge community that is constantly working to make this platform a great choice for every sector. Here at TemplateToaster our team of professionals creates wonderful Joomla templates keeping all the possible and essential aspects in mind. Our designs are modern, sleek, and stylish that will definitely suit your business. You will not have to get involved in the difficult lines of codes, simply enjoy our wide range of templates and themes. You can quickly choose one as a starting point for your new website from the given options.


Q.1 What are Joomla templates?

As we all know Joomla is one of the most popular Content Management Systems, and you can use it to build websites of all kinds. The Joomla template allows you to add special elements like basic layouts, page components, menu styles, fonts, images, backgrounds and so on to your website. Besides, the Joomla templates also allow boosting the user experience through ease of use and advanced compatibility.Joomla templates are pre-made designs for websites that are running on Joomla CMS. Once you are done with the content and modules, you can use the templates to design your website. This will not just save a lot of time but also make the website more functional.

Q.2 What things should you keep in mind while buying a Joomla template?

There are some main points that you need to note while purchasing Joomla templates. Here I have briefly mentioned these points so that you have an idea about things to look for in a template.
  • The Joomla template must be easy to use and maintain
  • Look for SEO optimized templates only
  • Cross-browser compatibility is important
  • Multilingual support
  • Fast loading speed
  • Framework based Joomla templates
  • Dedicated support

Q.3 Are all of your joomla 5 templates responsive?

All of the templates that we have created for Joomla are 100% responsive, which means the templates will automatically adjust to fit the screen size of the user. Whether the website visitor is viewing the website using a laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet, the responsive template we have created automatically adjusts to fit the screen size.

Q.4 Can I use these Joomla templates for clients' websites?

The Joomla templates that we have created are not just good for personal or businesses to build a professional website but also great for freelancing web designers.

Q.5 Is Joomla an easy to use CMS platform?

Although Joomla is a great platform for professional web designers and developers, it is quite simple to use as well from a beginners point of view. Some of the easy to use features include:
  • Easy to update: Update Joomla in just one click.
  • Install from the web: Easily install extensions without leaving the backend.
  • East to update the extensions: Keep your extensions updated quick and easy.
  • Quick user registration: Allow users to register quickly and have access to additional features.

Q.6 Are joomla 5 templates built for eCommerce use as well?

Joomla templates cover eCommerce use as well. And not just that these templates will also help you increase your online business with a powerful set of features. With amazing features like SEO optimized site performance and responsive designs. Joomla templates will expand your website's online functionality.