Free WordPress Themes (2024)

Free WordPress Themes are the need of the hour, and our software is the leading platform to download the latest responsive free WordPress themes to design your website. Our team of professionals has designed these beautiful free WordPress themes for you with a clean and modern style. You can use them for both your business and personal websites however you like. Simply download as many themes you want and get started.

Finding an ideal WordPress themes for your website can be quite overwhelming. There are more than thousands of themes on the web right now. So, how do you choose the best theme for your WordPress website? That is why we have handpicked more than 100 stunning WordPress themes that are also available for free. So, whether you are building a website for blogs, charity and fundraising, or an eCommerce store, you will find this collection of free WordPress themes that are specifically built for the purpose.

Our Free WordPress Themes

Talking about our free WordPress themes, we make sure to bring to you a collection of responsive themes that fit your needs for designing all kinds of websites. A responsive theme automatically adjusts itself to different screen sizes. Therefore, it ensures your website looks equally stunning on mobile phones, tablets, and various desktop devices.

Around 54.8% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. So, that means half of the traffic on your site will be coming from mobile users.

So, if your website does not fit well on the mobile screen and looks intricating on their device, then they will bounce from your website. This will not just leave a bad impression on the user but certainly affect your website's ranking as well.

This is why you must always look for responsive themes for your website. And the good news is all of our WordPress themes have responsive designs that fit individual needs.

While choosing the best WordPress themes the free theme must have a stunning design with top-notch support. After all, you may need help and assistance from the support team at any time. All of the free WordPress themes are simply too good to pass. They are not just appealing in flashes and design, but they offer top-notch functionality, and many times even better than the premium WordPress themes out there. Free themes are ideal for freelancers, bloggers, travellers, artists, and people who simply want to make an online presence. Having said that, you can also find several themes for professional-looking designs that are a perfect fit for large businesses, non-profits, hoteliers, architects and are ideal for all kinds of websites.

WordPress Free Themes 2022 - Features

WordPress is used to build all kinds of websites, that is why all of these themes are designed differently to meet different business and personal requirements. Most importantly the WordPress theme you select must complement the content on your site. For example, if you want to start with a travel blogging website, then you must look for a WordPress theme design that has amazing portfolios as well as good readability.

Our free WordPress themes come with several customizations. Your theme is the face and looks of your WordPress website, it is how Google and users are going to perceive your website. All of our themes meetup search engine criteria to rank a website faster and also look appealing.

Strives towards Simplicity

Our WordPress themes come with different colours, stunning layouts, flashy animations and more, but what makes these themes worth your time is the ‘simplicity'.Search for a layout that helps you support the goal of the website.

Responsive Theme Designs is not an Option

Our themes adjust their layouts as per the screen sizes of the device. All of the WordPress themes are responsive designs.

Browser Compatibility

Your users will be looking for websites on different browsers. All of our themes are designed to work best on major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and others.

Supports WordPress Plugins

The real power of WordPress websites comes with plugins. You can make your websites highly functional by integrating different kinds of WordPress plugins. Our WordPress themes are designed to support all kinds of WordPress plugins, so you do not have to compromise over the functionality.

SEO Friendly

Your WordPress themes play a huge role in site ranking on the search engine. A good looking website can generate badly coded HTML, and can tremendously affect sites ranking. That is why all of our themes are SEO friendly and make sure you do not have to compromise with the ranking part.

Multilingual Ready

WordPress websites can be designed in different languages, other than English. If you require us to create a WordPress website in a multilingual language then you need to know that our themes are translation ready. These WordPress themes support multilingual WordPress plugins.

Free WordPress Themes by TemplateToaster

We offer you an extensive range of free WordPress themes. You will experience unmatchable quality and functionality with our themes. They are easily customizable, SEO-friendly, multilingual compatible, built with the latest HTML 5 and CSS3, third-party plugin compatible, and more. These themes provide responsive layouts, which means your website will render flawlessly on every device. You can easily navigate between given categories like fashion, wedding, photography, blogging, portfolio, eCommerce, etc. and find a perfect solution for your website. Anybody from experts to amateurs can use them as per their requirements.


It is no surprise that WordPress is a highly powerful, flexible, user-friendly open-source content management system to build strong websites. The popularity of this robust platform is increasing day by day and so is the need to create free WordPress themes. And we understand your needs and that is why we create highly efficient and stylish open-source WordPress themes to give you a wonderful web experience. However, there are tons of free and premium WordPress plugins available to choose from. They help you strengthen or extend your website’s functionality. You can pick whatever plugin you find fruitful for your site. And the WordPress themes that we provide are well-documented and give you complete control of your site.

FAQs for Free WordPress Themes

Q.1 What is WordPress and Why should you use it?

WordPress is powerful and one of the most popular open source Content Management Systems. Thanks to its flexible, user-friendly and easy to use interface. Over the years, WordPress popularity has grown thanks to its amazing set of features. Here are some of the most common reasons why the platform is so popular, and why you must consider it for website building.
  • WordPress is free. And when we talk about free, it is free to download, install, use and modify as per your requirements. However, you will require a domain name and web hosting.
  • For non-tech savvy folks, WordPress is the right choice. You can choose from free WordPress themes. There are WordPress themes for all kinds of websites. Besides, WordPress is easy to customize using themes and plugins.
  • WordPress websites tend to rank better on the search engine. Thanks to the standard compliance high-quality code and semantic markup.
  • WordPress is very easy to manage.
  • Top-notch security features.

Q.2 What is a WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme is a folder of files. A theme comprises stylesheets, template files, images, and JavaScript files that allows the creation of website designs. Therefore, you can build blog posts and pages just the way you like, and something that compliments your website look and feels. There are tons of free and premium WordPress themes available to choose from.

Q.3 Are all WordPress themes for free?

Yes, All of the themes are not just amazingly designed but also free.

Q.4 How to choose WordPress themes?

With so many options out there it can be quite overwhelming to pick the best free WordPress theme for your site. But not all themes are created equally, so you need to put in effort and time while picking the best theme for your site. Here are a few things to consider while choosing a WordPress theme for your site.
  • Choose a lightweight WordPress theme
  • The theme must be accessible and responsive
  • Check the code quality and standards
  • Easy to customize and fully support page builders
  • SEO optimized
  • Good page load time
  • Supports eCommerce features and translation ready
  • Check for support and updates

Q.5 How to Customize WordPress Themes?

Using the customizer is the simplest way to customize the WordPress theme. Here is how you can customize your WordPress theme ( using the customizer).
  • Login to your WordPress site and on the top of the screen in the admin bar click on the ‘Customize’ link.
  • On the admin screen, click to select ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Customize’. This will navigate you to the Customizer option.
  • Now, you can check out the WordPress theme you have installed here. The customizer section will have all of the features like header images, social media, colours, designs and so on. So, you can customize the layout and design to make changes.

Q.6 Do you need to customize the WordPress theme?

Many times you do not need to customize the WordPress theme but instead, install a WordPress plugin. Themes showcase the design of your website - how it looks and displays the content on the site, while the plugins integrate additional functionalities. So, if you want to improve or add functionalities to the site instead go for WordPress plugins.

Q.7 What happens if I modify WordPress themes?

For new WordPress sites, you can simply select the best themes and install them on your site. But in case you have already created your WordPress site, then you need to carefully switch the theme to avoid any issues with the site’s performance and SEO. Few settings on your WordPress theme will disappear and be automatically applied to the new WordPress theme.