Art WordPress Themes

More than half of the art and crafts websites on the internet are built using the open-source platform WordPress. To point out, this is because WordPress is one of the easiest and most popular blogging and Content Management Platforms.

The art WordPress themes are used as their templates and tend to give websites an awesome look, style, layout, and functionality.

As an artist or someone who is into art and craftworks, you already know how visual appearance can catch the eye of the user. While the artwork allows you to put forward your information, however, your website must also be able to showcase your portfolio in the best way. So, by choosing the right art WordPress themes you can easily create a great impression on your audience. So, you can choose any of the WordPress art themes that fit perfectly with your vision and create beautiful sites.

Best Art WordPress Themes

Of course by choosing the best art WordPress theme for your website you can enhance its look and functionality to a great extent. Therefore, you can choose from tons of theme options for an art WordPress website and make the most from it. All of our themes are designed to cater to your artistic work, so we have paid special attention to the placement of the content while also making sure the visitors have the best user experience through the website.

The art WordPress themes at TemplateToaster strike the perfect balance between customization and functionality so that you can present your art in the best way on your website. As a result, you can easily build a cynical beautiful look website right away. Through WordPress art themes, an artist can surely grab a lot of attention from the viewers, provided the website is designed precisely.

However, being an artist you are not necessarily required to know about web designing or even coding. These themes are easy to use and customize, so you certainly do not have to be a programmer to start with your online project. Besides, they also boost the functionality, easy installation, along with in-built blog features (if you require it on your site). You can also consider using the art WordPress themes if you plan on including portfolio, photography, artworks, gallery, creative agency, blogs, and videos on your site.

Key Features

Retina Ready Images

Retina Ready images not just look great but also enhance the viewing experience because the images are in high pixels. With our WordPress art themes, your website is retina ready and displays sharp-looking images on your website.

Portfolio and Gallery Listing

Through these amazing WordPress art themes, you can easily list your project, portfolio, artwork, and images in various layouts and styles on the website. There are dozens of powerful features like spacing, filter, pagination, and more in best art WordPress themes by TemplateToaster. So, you can create unlimited art, portfolio, and creative galleries on your site.

Fully Responsive Designs

Almost all options for columns, spacing, and fonts come in pairs and offer 100% responsive designs on screens with different resolutions and sizes.

SEO Optimized

These WordPress art themes are built with the latest SEO standards and technologies. This helps your website rank on the search engines.

Supports Third-Party Plugins

You can easily integrate third-party plugins while using the themes. The third-party plugins further help you improve the functionality of your website.


Easily add customizable blogging content to web pages layout using the content builder.

Dedicated Support Team

Need help? You can reach out to the 24/7 customer support team through live chat. Also, raise a ticket to get in touch with the support team. Besides, you can go through the knowledge base for more information and help.

Art WordPress Themes - FAQs

Q.1 How can I choose the best art WordPress theme for my online project?

With so many options it can get a bit overwhelming to pick the right theme for your art website. So, here are some of the key ingredients that you need to look for in a perfect WordPress theme:
  • Search for an art WordPress theme that is lightweight
  • Look for something that you can easily customize
  • Remember themes are for designs and plugins are for functionality
  • Make sure to go for 100% responsive theme designs

Q.2 How can I install a WordPress art theme?

You can easily install the art theme for WordPress using the zip file with the WordPress uploader. You can also use an FTP client if you prefer it. With each theme, you get the zipped version.

Q.3 Is theme installation difficult? Can I do it myself?

Well, in most cases theme installation is a cakewalk. And, if you have basic technical knowledge you will be able to do it. Besides, you can also check out the detailed documentation for the installation process in case you need help.

Q.4 Can I customize the WordPress art themes?

Yes, you can completely modify the WordPress art themes. And, the best part is you do not even need to learn to code or have prior web designing experience to customize these templates.

Q.5 Whom should I contact if there is a problem in installing the theme?

We have live chat support as well as a ticket support system. If there is a technical query, you can create a ticket to get direct assistance from our technical team. Besides, you can also go through our knowledge base and see if it helps.

Q.6 How can I modify these WordPress art themes?

You can modify these templates either in TemplateToaster WordPress Template Creator or in the WordPress CMS after exporting the theme.

Q.7 Are your art themes for WordPress SEO-Friendly?

Yes, all the templates are specially designed focusing on search engine optimization. So, you can generate organic traffic to your website and also boost ranking on the search engine.

Q.8 Do these Templates support third party plugins?

Yes, All the templates support any of the third-party plugins. You can easily install third-party plugins on your website in just a few clicks and improve the functionality of your website in no time.

Q.9 Can I use my hosting provider with WordPress art themes?

Yes, you can use any hosting provider that suits your requirements.

Q.10 Can I customize the WordPress art themes for artists myself?

In most cases yes, you can easily customise the WordPress themes for your upcoming project. Especially if you have basic knowledge about website designing then you are unlikely to go wrong with things. You can also find instructions to customize the website template.