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Design the very best templates for your Blogger site in a user-friendly interface only with TemplateToaster. Give a whole new compelling look to your site and leave your audience spellbound. No need to mess up with Coding!

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Install the software in minutes! Try for free for unlimited time while getting access to all the functionalities. Let’s get started and design something amazing today!

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Choose from a ton of sample templates and pep them up to suit your needs! Or start from the groundwork and lay every building block yourself! Just Drag & Drop!

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Finally satisfied with the little tidbits of the design in the template? Now is the time to export and install your new theme to your Blogger site Make it count!

Features of TemplateToaster as Blogger Template Creator

Brimming with some awesome features, have a look at what this powerful software has to offer.

Page Layout Options

Design the page layout and customise its look in your style! Choose from 1 Column, 2 Column (left sidebar, single column etc.) and 3 Column (sidebar, single column, sidebar etc.) options to design the looks of your Blogger template using TemplateToaster. Add background image or color and change font style, color etc.

Logo Positioning

Want to enhance the branding factor of your Blogger website? It’s imperative to place a logo of your brand/ services for credibility and authenticity of your website. Using this software, you can place the logo on menu bar or header or slider. Choose from these positions and place it wherever you deem fit.

Based on Bootstrap Framework

Blogger templates designed with TemplateToaster are based on Bootstrap which is the most popular front-end framework. It ensures that the templates are highly responsive! Currently, TemplateToaster uses latest Bootstrap (V.3.3.7). We strive to keep up with the latest updates, always!

Styling Metadata

Make it easy for your website visitors to locate clickable links and a sneak-peak of the content they may want to read further! Using this Blogger theme creator, easily style metadata on your blogger website by changing font style, colors, effects, shadows and much more!

Social Media Icon

Think of a website with no social media links! What would be your thought about that website? Surely not a good one! Add clickable social media icons either in the header or in the footer of the page/template or both of your website using TemplateToaster. Turn site visitors into followers in no time!

Responsive Web Design

Blogger templates designed with TemplateToaster software are fully responsive! With more website users turning to handheld devices, it’s a major factor which decides the level of user-experience delivered by your website. Templates designed will render perfectly fine on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile!

Top Features of TemplateToaster

Support Multiple Language

Mobile Optimization

Drag and Drop

Demo themes

Mega Menu

Right To Left

Amazing Slideshow

Zero Coding

Custom CSS, JS and PHP

Our Standards

W3C Validation

Owing to International Standards compliance and W3C Validation, blogger templates created with this software are exquisitely seamless with major web browsers.

HTML5 & CSS3 Standards

TemplateToaster abides by the latest HTML5 & CSS3 standards. Due to this fact, a feature-rich, clean and dynamic website is created in minutes!

Turbo Page Speed

As there are no heavy sets of divs and styling codes used in Blogger templates, the page load speed is extremely fast. Fast load speed equals more visibility and thus, pulling in more audience!

Support All Major CMSes