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Don’t just design a theme, weave magic into your website!

Why use TemplateToaster as Drupal Theme Generator Software?

Made to perfection, try out TemplateToaster to design those “pixel perfect!” Drupal themes. No CSS/HTML coding demands. Ever! This software will make you believe in something rare that makes your website remarkably beautiful!

How it Works?

Download TemplateToaster. Let’s do it!

Set up TemplateToaster on your desktop after you download it. Try all the functionalities and get hooked! Let’s start designing the way you’ve always wanted!

Drag and Drop UI to Design. Nicely done!

Modify pre-designed templates to suit your needs or start from the very beginning! Pretty much create any type of theme you want to, in minutes!

Upload your Themes in 1-2-3 and Voila!

Done with the design and happy with the details? Export and Upload the new design. Enable the new theme and go to the home page to see the changes take effect!

Features of TemplateToaster as Drupal Theme Creator

A remarkable software packed with the best features – Design pro themes in minutes!

Compatible Drupal Versions

With TemplateToaster software, design Drupal themes which are fully compatible with the latest Drupal Version 8 and Version 7. The themes generated comply with the latest functionalities of Drupal 8 adding to the power of creating high-end websites.

Unlimited Block Regions

This Drupal theme editor supports creating unlimited block regions in the themes for advanced functionalities. Create custom regions anywhere like above and below the header, footer, content, slider etc. Moreover, add custom styles like background color, images etc.

Custom Layout Options

The layout of a Drupal theme created with TemplateToaster can be fixed width or fluid width. Drupal themes with fluid width (percentage based) which are extremely responsive. Custom styles can be applied to the layout like background color, font color, font type etc.

Slider Positioning

Dazzling sliders on the homepage of your website catches the attention of the visitors. Design and customize the sliders as you wish and position the slider above the Header or Menu, below the Header or Menu and between the Header and Menu.

Based on Bootstrap Framework

Drupal themes created with TemplateToaster are based on Bootstrap framework and are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. TemplateToaster software uses latest Bootstrap 3.x.x version. We will be very prompt to update to Bootstrap 4, once it’s launched!

Module-Friendly Themes

Themes created with this software are module-friendly which allows you to install any number of extensions to your Drupal powered website. Plenty of extensions can be added to Drupal websites like Backup & Migrate, Drush + drush make, Devel,Lightbox2 etc.

Top Features of TemplateToaster

Support Multiple Language

Mobile Optimization

Drag and Drop

Demo themes

Mega Menu

Right To Left

Amazing Slideshow

Zero Coding

Custom CSS, JS and PHP

Our Standards

W3C Validation

Themes created with TemplateToaster software are W3C valid and comply with the International Standards. They render seamlessly on all major web browsers.

HTML5 & CSS3 Standards

TemplateToaster supports the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards. Heavy set of divs and images are avoided resulting in lightweight themes.

Super Fast Speed

Due to the fact that heavy set of divs and codes are avoided, the page speed is optimised heavily. This optimisation leads to far better user-experience.

Support All Major CMSes