As time progresses, new needs and requirements spring up. A website design concept that was popular 5 years ago may be ineffective in today’s internet space. Web designers are always coming up with new ideas and innovating. Some of these ideas really take off and become part of the internet’s popular culture. Other ideas may not take off immediately and may require some refinement for them to be accepted across the web design universe. Here are some of the trends which you should look out for in the coming year.

Flat Design:
This trend has exploded everywhere and not just in web design. You even see flat design in the latest releases of iOS as well as Windows. It follows the principle that less is more. It requires you as the web developer to come up with a great design with very little for a simple, less busy page. It may sound easy but this it is a very hard skill to acquire because we always tend to add more unnecessary elements. When designing such a site, you have to do some serious consideration on how to utilize the whitespaces you have and you should also make specific choices on where to place specific web design elements.

Increased focus on Typography:
Back in the middle ages of web design, people didn’t care much about the font styles used on their websites. They used the same old Arial or Helvetica. Things have changed since then and now in the modern age of web design, robust typography is a major tool for effective web design. The font market has grown exponentially where so many font families have been developed. These fonts can be acquired for free or at an affordable price. All web developers today should take advantage of captivating and unique font styles to attract the attention of users and enhance the overall experience of browsing your website.

Videos becoming the main means of divulging information:
In today’s fast paced world, people don’t have the time to read everything. This could be attributed to increasingly busy schedules but it could also be because people’s attention spans are getting shorter and also because the global reading culture is slowly diminishing. To accommodate these changes, videos are ideal for passing on the message. They are more effective if they are short and to the point. If done well, videos can be used as a tool for attracting attention to a given page.

Responsive Design:
Internet use has moved from being mainly based on computers and now most internet users access the web from their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). The internet is also being accessed through more unorthodox means like smart TVs and gaming consoles. A new problem that arises from this is the diversity of the screen sizes which access the internet. Responsive design thus means coming up with websites which offer an optimum viewing experience on any device and screen size. The site should essentially adapt depending on the device that is accessing it. New techniques are coming up which easily enable you to do this.

Use of images as the central element:
Modern websites are very simple and you may see some which have very minimalist home pages, with a single image as the central element and a minimum amount of text. These images usually occupy the entire page and are very unique and beautiful. They are very helpful at keeping your website in the minds of its visitors thus keeping them coming back.
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