Responsive web design is an approach of making web designs that automatically adapt to multiple devices. The word responsive signifies flexibility, hence responsive web design signifies flexibility of a web design to adapt narrower screen.

Catch on

Responsive web design adapts to small portable devices, which include mobile phones and tablets without getting deteriorated. It gets adjusted spontaneously and perfectly on distinct screen sizes.

What was there before the Responsive design?

When the concept of responsive was not there in the web world, developers has to create segregate websites for desktop and mobile phone. It was not that they had to face problems while making separate designs for a website, but website owners had to maintain separate websites, one for big screens and another for small ones.

Responsive web design is the need of hour. If you are owning a website which is not responsive, then you are losing a big part of visitors. It’s recommended to have a responsive website, thus.

Why Responsive web design is liked?

This approach solves design as well as content management issues. Owing to responsive design it’s worthless to get a duplicate website developed and maintained for small screens of mobiles and tablets. Not only need to set up segregate websites ends up, but also the need of managing content for separate websites ends up. Because owner has a single website to maintain, things get simplified. Web owner has not to be worry about Internet marketing and SEO for different websites when a standalone website would be there for every device platform.

Trend of Responsive themes

It’s obvious that if web design is made receptive then website will be responsive eventually. By responsive theme we mean responsive web design. Responsive themes are in high demand, consequently searches for them on internet are in heavy amount. Developers follow two approaches to make responsive themes, one approach is coding based and another is coding free.

In coding based approach developers has to write coding in HTML editors and corresponding theme builds up. Most interesting is the latter approach, which is coding free approach.

Coding free approach for making responsive themes

In this approach, developers make use of a dedicated web design software, which automates web designing or theme designing. One of heavily used software is TemplateToaster. While using software for making CMS themes and websites user has to select/apply options from GUI (graphical user interface) of generator and code, corresponding to those options, is automatically written by the generator. When designing gets completed, corresponding files are exported on the user computer, which are actual source code files of theme and can be uploaded to user’s CMS website. This is how responsive themes can be built without writing code.