Introducing TemplateToaster 8 with Powerful New Features

We’ve made some big upgrades to our software. TemplateToaster 8 now support content editing for two more CMSs i.e. Joomla and Drupal. We have taken one more step towards the future with a streamlined designing experience across both the CMSes. Even better, we now support Joomla 4 so you can enjoy using high-quality template designs like never before.

The flexibility and extensibility you were enjoying with TemplateToaster 8 have touched the new levels in TemplateToaster 8 following Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4 standards, and even further ahead is Bootstrap 5 upgrade.

Let’s have a look at the newly-added features to TemplateToaster 8.

drupal Joomla content editing

Have Control Over Two More CMSes

The latest release TemplateToaster 8 allows you to edit your WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal content in a most flawless way ever.

TemplateToaster 8 Works with Bootstrap 5 Now

As promised we bring the new advanced features in version 9 that will enhance the user experience. Version 9 uses Bootstrap 5 functionalities along with Bootstrap 4 & 3 that lets you create responsive websites conveniently.

TemplateToaster is now Compatible with Joomla 4

With TemplateToaster, now you can get the most out of Joomla 4. With powerful features and unique designs, you can easily create faster and cleaner stunning designs in a breeze.

Bootstrap 4 compatible
single page website


Create a Single Page Website with Ease

Create a speedy and responsive single page website with TemplateToaster 8 without a hitch.

Add Image Animation

Adding image animation is way easier now. You can choose between various animation features like Magnify, MagnifyX, Magnify Opacity, Fade, Rotate, Grayscale, Bloom, Invert Grayscale, and design your website as per your requirements.

Add image animation
custom video

Include Custom Video Instead of a Regular YouTube Video

Enjoy the all-new flexibility to include your locally stored videos to your site instead of adding any YouTube video. However, you can still use YouTube videos if you wish to.

Encouraging eCommerce – Support for OpenCart 3

The current version of TemplateToaster provides full support for OpenCart 3. Incorporate the OpenCart 3 functionality to your eCommerce store and expand your reach.

opencart 3 support
section copy

Replicate Your Section

You can replicate the desired sections so that you don’t have to design them again and again. If you want to have the same section somewhere on the page, then use this ‘Copy Row’ feature to do so.

Clone Your Text Area

Editing a text has become way easier with TemplateToaster version 8. It allows you to clone the Textarea of Header, Footer, Rows, Columns, Slideshow.

clone textarea
import content option

More Options to Control Content Import in WordPress

If you want to modify an existing page, then simply make desired changes to the selected page. And then import the content as per your requirements. You’ve got full control over content import.

Bookmark Your Design

Bookmarking a design lets you save the design for future use. If you wish to use the same design for two different pages or for different projects, simply bookmark it and use it whenever and wherever you like.

add bookmark option templatetoaster

TemplateToaster 8 in a Nutshell

These strong new enhancements of TemplateToaster would give you much more freedom to create high-quality professional websites in minutes. TemplateToaster 8 is a software which is a joy to use at any scale. Our version 8 is loaded with advanced features that will save you time and provide a seamless web experience.

Thanks for choosing TemplateToaster 8. Happy Web Designing!

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