HTML Templates

What are HTML Templates?

HTML template is a pre-built template design that consists of HTML pages that include integrated images and text. You can easily upload the text, fonts, and images into the pre-built design and then upload it to a web hosting account to view the website on the server. The HTML templates can be built using the HTML or XHTML and consists of PHP and CSS code. HTML is a plain text format and not compiled program, therefore websites built using the HTML template are more flexible.

Our Free HTML Templates - Features

HTML templates offer a quick and easy solution to design and make your website look amazing without having to do much with coding. These HTML templates are ready-made and format HTML web pages, and are even easy to modify. Thus you can play around with HTML websites and easily build a design just the way you like.

If you're looking for a pre-made template for your website then HTML templates are a great option. The HTML templates come with an admin panel, drag and drop editor, HTML editor, and many other features to improve the functionality of your website.

Here are some of the features you get with our HTML Templates:

Responsive Designs

A good website must be responsive. When you create a website you not just want users to land on your website but stay there. These HTML templates are responsive and easy to customize. So, whether the user is opening your website using a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop, it shall automatically adjust to the screen size.

SEO Optimization

Once your website is live, it is like do or die, because the competition is high. The HTML templates we offer are SEO optimized and professionally developed with limited coding and useless elements, which makes it lightweight, easier to load, and SEO friendly.

HTML Editor

Free HTML templates are highly customizable. And almost every template comes with the drag and drop editor, which makes it extremely easy to use and modify the template. Besides, you can use the HTML editor and easily edit any part of the website and have optimized code.

eCommerce Template for Page

If you want to create an online store then do not worry, you can use our HTML templates for the same. You can easily add more features like payment integrations, social media add ons, and more to make your online store even more functional.

Integration of Bootstrap

Most of the HTML websites come with Bootstrap layouts. Thus your website is more mobile-friendly and optimized for the search engine.

Free HTML Templates

These HTML templates on are designed while keeping all the basic needs of a website in mind. So that you will not have to come across any problem while building yours. Our team of professional designers and developers has done all the hard and technical work to give you high-class and well-structured templates.

They come with features like cross-browser compatibility, Google font integration, multilingual support, retina-ready image support, contact form integration, social icons, responsive design, and many more. This will give you a fully functional website with minimal to no efforts.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the main responsible language that displays documents in the browser. When coupled with other technologies like CSS and JavaScript, it decides the appearance of the web page that a user will come across.

And our team takes very good care of every aspect related to website design. All of the HTML templates are made with a precision and result-oriented approach. You can easily build a static website with any of these open-source HTML templates. The interesting thing is, they are fully integrated with a contact form to help your customers reach you.


Q.1 How can I design HTML templates?

The best thing about HTML templates is that it offers wider options to customize and play around with the website. But if you have a page builder then it will be slightly easier to edit the HTML templates. With our free HTML templates you can edit any part of it very easily, but make sure to choose the kind of design you require. You can create a beautiful website with as many colours as you like, or stick to a specific colour palette and font style to give a more sophisticated look.

Q.2 How to create HTML templates?

First thing first, it is quite difficult to create HTML templates. You need to learn a lot of skills and must have experience. Besides, you also need to have a clear understanding of what type of theme will suit a specific niche and business. To begin with, you need to learn to code, and then spend a lot of time designing. So, if you want to save time, then I recommend downloading our free HTML templates and going ahead with website building.

Q.3 How to choose the best HTML template for my website?

It all comes down to your specific requirements and budget. However, here are a few points that can help you evaluate and make the best decision.

  • Know what kind of website you are working on.
  • Consider your budget and do not compromise with the features.
  • Look for flexibility and customization options.
  • Responsive designs.
  • Strive to SEO optimized templates.
  • Dedicated support is a must

Q.4 How to edit an HTML template?

Here are the steps that you can follow to edit the HTML template:

  • Open the HTML file.
  • Search for the unwanted section in the template and cut the unwanted section.
  • Change the images.
  • Make sure to customize the colours and also change the fonts.
  • Next, edit the text (should be in a paragraph or anchor text).
  • Change the destination of the link.

Q.5 What type of website can I build using these HTML templates?

Well, the possibilities are endless. The HTML templates are specifically designed to fit all kinds of business. Whether you require an HTML template for travelling, photography, academics, hotels, charity, non-profits, church, restaurants, and more, there is a specific HTML template designed for all kinds of websites.