Joseph Wedding Invitation Joomla Template

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The wedding website is a great way to connect with your friends and family and guide them about the event and location detail. However, it may sound daunting at first especially if you are not a professional web designer but with the availability of some amazing and incredible options out there, you can quickly get started with your wedding website and let people know about this big event. We have created this beautiful wedding invitations template. It has many useful features such as cross-browser compatibility, support for multiple languages, unique favicons, YouTube video integration, grid layout, SEO optimization, speed optimization, custom CSS & JS integration, RTL support, Bootstrap framework, social share icons, and more. This Wedding Invitation Joomla template is easy to use and customize. Since it is built with CSS3 and HTML5 that makes it super convenient to work with.

Published on: October 6, 2021
Modified on:October 6, 2021
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