Commu – Social Networking and Community Blogger Template

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Social networking is a great way to attract new users to your website and let people know about your business. This Social Networking & Community Blogger Template comes with plenty of management options. Moreover, complete care has been taken while designing this template. Responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, build on CSS3 & HTML5, beautiful color scheme, and a lot more. You can customize it however you like it. Making changes to the design is pretty easy because there are tons of options that you can use and bring out the changes that wish to. With Google Font integration, you can change the font style for your website and use any other style that you find matching your brand style. Moreover, with custom JS & CSS integration it allows you to try your hands and make required edits based on your requirements. All in all, using this template makes everything easier.

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Published on: October 15, 2021
Modified on:October 15, 2021
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