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Quickly download it on your computer, install it and explore it to the maximum because we offer unlimited trials.

Create CSS Menus in your Themes or Templates

Craft your own Website, Theme or Template with custom CSS Menus. Or choose our pre-built sample templates to save you time and efforts.

Export and Upload

Either export your Theme, Template and upload it to your CMS or upload the HTML website to the hosting server directly.

Why is TemplateToaster the best CSS Menu Generator?

It provides you the advanced tools to create cross-browser compatible CSS menu with ease. The CSS menu repository has a huge collection of pre-built menu templates which have tested on all latest browsers. Our menu CSS generator makes it simple to create your own custom menu without any technical knowledge. This CSS menu maker has all the advanced features to create a menu for your website.

Dynamic Menu Features

Power-packed with remarkable menu features. Design themes using TemplateToaster software!

create horizontal menus with this menu maker

Horizontal Menu

This CSS menu maker gives you the creatively built traditional horizontal menu layout. Horizontal menu makes the content browsing effortless.

Vertical Menu

Our CSS menu generator lets you use the site’s center space in whatever manner you want it by adding the vertical menu on the left or the right side of the site.

it support creating vertical menus
menus created with menu maker will be responsive

Responsive Menu

Keeping the basic need in mind our CSS maker offers you the responsive menu. The menu adjust with the screen size according to the device it is viewed on.

Mega Menu

Manage your categories and subcategories with TemplateToaster’s easy to handle mega menu option. It plays an essential role for E-commerce sites.

this menu maker support creating mega menus
it support making footer menus

Footer Menu

Create your nice and convenient Footer Menu with this CSS menu generator and link your Pages Contacts, Social Links, Privacy Policy, or embedded the map.

Build from Pre-designed Menu Templates

You can jazz up your menus with our awesome range of pre-built menu templates which offers you super amazing features that will magnify the working experience.

you get lots of pre designed menu suggestions

How to Create Menus with this CSS Menu Maker Software

Steps to create website menu with this CSS Menu Maker Software. Here’s how:

  1. Open TemplateToaster Software.
  2. Start Create building your website.
  3. Create your Menu anywhere on your website.
  4. Upload your template or website to your hosting server.


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Nicole Brown

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