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I develop a site using Templatetoaster in Wordpress/woocommerce, 

I'm afraid that my future client will not be happy (w/c actually happened once) because he checked that the CSS file is not the "best practice". below are the points:

  • style.css - generated a lot of repetitions, for example, when changing fonts and styles. it needs to look for many lines.
  • the naming of the selectors (for CSS and javascript) is complicated or too long class names
  • too many inline styles are also a concern (even BR tag has a style)

These points show that the performance of the site will be a concern. I can see these issues still in the latest version 8.0

I feel that the more editing in design mode, the more complicated the CSS file is because when I tried to export from templates the generated CSS file looks fine.

Any suggestions/recommendations on how to optimize and avoid the issues?

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TemplateToaster provides common global option to apply typography to the web pages content, in case you want to apply same font typography, you can set the same under:

 1. General -> WebsiteTypography -> Headings -> It will set the typography for all the headings used in your website.

 2. General -> WebsiteTypography -> Text -> It will set the text like labels, alert, paragraph, links and other text used in your website.
 Also, Links, paragraphs and lists can be commonly designed in the same manner under:

 TemplateToaster -> Elements -> links -> it will set the common typography to all links.
Similarly, paragraph can be designed under TemplateToaster -> Elements -> paragraph and lists can be designed under TemplateToaster -> Elements -> lists.

 It will apply styles to all the links this will not generate the inline css, this will optimize the css code as it will not generate the inline css, inline css has been generated only when you will design a particular text seperately by double clicking the content.

Also, we have forwarded the query to our development team, they will look into the issue to highly optimize the css code.
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