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So I'm new to TemplateToaster and so far pretty happy, I've found an oddity I can not explain however...

Occasionally (not sure why) our footer disappears from the homepage, using the same page template as the other pages..

The code is just _not there_ - any ideas? is the website, you can check each of the pages to see the difference.

I've reinstalled Wordpress, disabled plugins, ect, it seems randomly on a save of the page to simply negate the footer entirely.

Help is appreciated :)

1 Answer

by lisa-west (35.1k points)

Please make sure that you have enabled the display footer option in the page editor. To check this please follow the steps provided below:

Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Pages -> Edit home page -> Theme options (at extreme right side) -> Check Display footer option is enabled or not.

by linda66 (100 points)
I'm having same issue. I do not see the Theme Options section. Is in Gutenberg only or available when using Classic Block? A screen shot would be good.
by fullbitllc (280 points)
That option doesn't appear to be there, Wordpress had a large update and I think that may be why?
by linda66 (100 points)
I don't know why you would NOT want a footer on home page. Could this be added to the WordPress CMS left menu under Theme Options, either in Footer or General tab?
by fullbitllc (280 points)
@Staff - any update on this by chance? :)
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