Umpteenth time: active submenu item does not make parent active

asked Dec 29, 2018 in Issues/Bugs by fdonna (660 points)

after tens of version since V6 and after many requests from me and other users, when a submenu item is active, the parent item is not shown as active, not in Joomla, at least (I don't know for other CMSes).

Please, would you be so kind as to make active (and style) both selected submenu item and it's parent in the main menu?

ALL my customers require this and, even if you sent me an override a couple of years ago, I cannot "hack" the code every time I export a TT project.

I cannot understand why it is so difficult to implement in TT because you already sent me a patch, so I'm sure that you know how to do it definitively.

Thank you very much

1 Answer

answered Jan 2 by lisa-west (30,900 points)

We have forwarded the issue to our development team if found feasible we will provide an appropriate solution in the future updates of TemplateToaster.

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