TemplateToaster 7 and WooCommerce

asked May 30 in Wordpress Themes by magicalwonders (1,940 points)
I've just switched from TT6 to using TemplateToaster 7, and have the latest version -

I notice on export of the theme that there is no longer an option to make it WooCommerce compatible. Is it automatically compatible?

The only tickbox showing is for "content". As I only want to add content via the Wordpress Admin, I guess I untick the content box?


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answered May 30 by magicalwonders (1,940 points)
I can see the answer to my question now! I missed the big WooCommerce button on opening the program!

This does give rise to another question though! Using the WooCommerce button option, is it possible to open a ttr file created in Version 6, edit it, and then export, so it is WooCommerce compatible?
commented May 31 by lisa-west (27,280 points)
Yes, TemplateToaster v7 provide Woocommerce template design option separately now. Also, you can open and use v6 generated template in v7. Please make sure to have a backup copy of v6 generated template to use it further with v6 as once it has been saved in TemplateToaster version 7 can't be reopened in version 6.
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