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Hi TT,

I'm sorry for this question, but cannot figure out the structure of the footer on your own website. E.g. I want to put the text and social icons next to each other. Are they in the footer area itself, or in a widget area? Could you please give me some hints how I could reproduce your footer? Thank you.

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)

TemplateToaster provide option to create text areas inside footer and edit text and images as per your requirement.To create footer social icons same as our Website, Please follow the steps provided below.

Go To TemplateToaster -> Add Text area inside footer -> Double click the text area to edit -> insert your social media icons and add text with image.

by mikati (780 points)
Thanks a lot Lisa,

My mistake was trying to put the social icons WITHIN the text area.
by fareed61 (120 points)
Actually, this does not work either. What I think is that TemplateToaster did not use their terrible software to design their website. This is proven to be a big lie. I challenge them to produce a video tutorial showing how on earth they did that with their software. TemplateToaster is a SCAM
by mikati (780 points)
Hello Fareed61,
I am afraid your comment has a very serious allegation which you must prove. I have been using TT for a while, and it's definitely not a scam. From time to time it has bugs, but they are corrected. The answer to my original question given by Lisa does work. They are still working on v7 beta which needs to be improved, but this just the way a multi functional software is being developed. It is always better for users to highlight the concrete problems so that the developers can handle the situation.
by fareed61 (120 points)
Thank you, mikati,
Could you please suggest how can I prove it? There is no rich text editor that allows me to add screenshots to prove this!
When a user creates several tickets with no response from the tech support, what you call this? When you try to use the live chat feature and discover that it is only a decoration on the website, what you call this? When the software developers fail to provide decent documentation to their software, what you call this? How can the developers improve this software if the tickets been ignored?
I can add a long list of serious issues which are not a (bugs), but rather, a regretful failure in providing accurate technical support. In fact, I'm not bothered by the amount I paid to purchase this product as much as I am frustrated by the precious time I spent trying to make use of this software!
by mikati (780 points)
Hi Fareed61,
I am very sorry that we have different experience with TT. They always answered my questions, even live chat worked. In the recent past, I localized TT and received a 1 year pro license as they promised. I can see that your question posted on 14 February was answered, and you even attached a screen shot. It is related to beta version, maybe they need more time. By the way, does your problem still exist?
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