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I am using Template Toaster to create WordPress templates. Now that my template is exported into WordPress I would like to edit the content of my WordPress page to have multiple columns. I can see in Template Toaster in the content section there can be multiple columns. It also looks like I can edit the template for these columns by going into Post Properties > Columns. I do not want to reinvent the wheel with the CSS if I do not have to, but I'm having trouble finding the CSS that describes using columns in the content of the page so that I can use it in my HTML when editing my WordPress page.

Any advice on how the CSS for using columns in the content/post is labeled would be appreciated.

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TemplateToaster provide its custom editor for WordPress templates, you can edit html content number of columns from the custom TT editor from WordPress dashboard.

Go To WordPress Dashboard -> Pages -> Edit page you want to edit cells -> Select Custom editor -> Edit Content cells as per your requirement.

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