How to Create another menu?

asked Jan 15 in Wordpress Themes by danismithers (120 points)


Is it possible to create another menu? I already have one above the header but i would like a different one underneath the header.

How can i do this please?





2 Answers

answered Jan 16 by lisa-west (27,280 points)

You can add menu items above and below Header element by placing custom menu blocks in 'HeaderAbove' and 'HeaderBelow' Widget Areas from WordPress backend.

Go to WordPress dashboard -> Appearance -> Widget -> drag and drop Custom Menu block in HAWidgetArea00/HAWidgetArea01/HAWidgetArea02/HAWidgetArea03  (to place menu above header) and HBWidgetArea00/HBWidgetArea01/HBWidgetArea02/HBWidgetArea03 (to place menu below header)

answered Apr 4 by pmadhava63 (140 points)
We can add child to main menu. Hierarchy possible.
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