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My license has expired. On the Templatetoaster website I only see a possibility to buy a new license at the full price. I cannot find a way to renew my license at the reduced price.
Am i missing something?

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Hey Benny, in the FAQs:

Q: When will my copy of TemplateToaster expire?

A: You can use your purchased TemplateToaster version for lifetime. We offer free updates for one year with every license, it means you’ll be able to upgrade to all the versions released within one year, after that period you can either update your subscription or continue using your purchased version. Yearly updates renewal(if needed) will cost you 40% of product price.

And "renew license" search:

answered Jun 19, 2016 by templatetoaster (22,320 points)

1- Yes you can renew your license by paying 40% of current product price, it'll be around UDS 59

How you get to and is this still valid is a good question.

I would put a ticket in, and please start a new post when you find out.


by templatetoaster (24.8k points)
Just login to your profile page through following link with the email that you used while making the original purchase and you'll see a renew button on bottom right side:
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