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I had received an email dated 08/13/14 for TEMPLATETOASTER RENEWAL. I would like to avail it for TemplateToaster v6. How much would I save? Also, is TT's development still active and ongoing?


And also...what future plans do you have for TT? If you would like to strenghten your sales I suggest you enter the Artisteer forum as most of members of the forum are having their grievances due to the lack of development of the product. I see TT's development is slowing down. I hope that the company is doing well as the life of TT depends on the people behind it. I hope that the TT will be a major player in CMS theme development and will become very popular. Strong customer base is the key... People needs to be educated about the advantages and benefits of the product... just my two cents.


I will renew soon as I need it in creating our school website. Hopefully the renewal promo is still valid.


P.S. Sorry for the double post. You can delete the earlier post.

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1- Yes you can renew your license by paying 40% of current product price, it'll be around UDS 59

2- Sure TT is in active development, we are continuously working on improving the existing features and adding new ones. TT v7 will be released in near future with advance support for ecommerce platforms like Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce and much more. We have just launched TemplateToaster Marketplace where TT users can resell their templates/themeson comission basis:

We are doing everything to strengthen our userbase. Please feel free to introduce TT anywhere, however no one like competitors discussions/link on their site.
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