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I'm sorry to say that it is very annoying that Changelog is not being updated when a new release is available for download.
I've just downloaded v. but I have no idea of what's new in this release.

It is important to know it because:

1) I'd like to be aware of new functions without to have to "scan and test" every single menu item

2) New version could have fixed bugs that I "workarounded" in my site using, for example, some custom css and I'd like to know if I have to disable those my own fixes

3) New version could fix bugs that I was not aware of, maybe because I've not (yet) used that buggy function in my sites but it is possibile that I'll use in the future on sites I've developed using previous (bugged) TT version and I have to know if I have to update those sites' templates.

CHANGELOG is a "best practice" for every good developer in the world. It's easy to produce and publish (it takes a few minutes).
Why you don't update it as soon as you make a new version available for download?

Thank you very much

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Hi again!
I've just noticed changelog for v. and I've seen that, even when changelogs are published, they are very poor of details and I'd have some further requests. Please find them in RED below:


Release Date:Jun 14, 2016

New Features

  • Introduced Marketplace to Buy and Sell templates/themes

Bugs Fixed

  • Minor UI improvements What kind of improvements? I'd like to know them.
  • Resolved Drupal 8 slideshow issues OK
  • Magento 1.x Continue Shopping button issue resolved OK
  • Resolved minor CSS issues Could it be possibile to have a list of solved issues? I'd like to know them to be able to remove workarounds I've inserted in CSS code to fix the issues in previous version.


Thank you very much
Kind regards

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