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Hi Guys, as per in my title.
I have set the MENU>MENUBUTTON>BORDER>ACTIVE >(etcetc, border thickness1)

So lets say i have menu buttons , (HOME) (FRUITS) (VEGETABLES)

(HOME) and (FRUITS) do not have any subpages under it but
(VEGETABLES) have a (Lettuce) page  under it.

So for now everything works fine , lets say (FRUITS) is the active page. It will look like (HOME)(FRUITS)(VEGETABLES)

But if I click (Lettuce) page now. It looks like this (HOME)(FRUITS)(VEGETABLES).

How do i make it look like (HOME)(FRUITS)(VEGETABLES)
even though I click  the (Lettuce) page which is a subpage of (VEGETABLES)

This is all in seen in File>Preview>(BrowserChoice), I did not publish the template up to a website server yet.

Is there any css codes then i can use to do this


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It is the same in Joomla. Not good.
by lisa-west (35k points)

Please open a support ticket with your TTR  for quick solution:
by fdonna (660 points)
Hi Lisa,
in support ticket #708691, on May 30, you kindly replied <<We have forwarded this feature to the development team and if it seems feasible we will try to include in the future release of TemplateToaster.>>

Then many TT updates have been released but still there's no Active parent/submenu fix.

This is becoming a VERY URGENT request!
My customers always complain about the missing active menu when a submenu item is selected and I cannot say that they are wrong, because it is not good to view a page where NO MENU is selected and the visitor doesn't know where is/she is and I've never seen a template having this behaviour... except the one used in this site :-)

Please, would you be so kind as to add this implementation to high priority development tasks?

Thank you very much
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