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asked Feb 7, 2016 in Wordpress Themes by kenneth (640 points)
recategorized Feb 8, 2016 by kenneth

Hi! Im testing around my (wordpress + content) template with the responsive layout.

I notice that  at the bottom there are 3 modes to edit from, (Desktop,Tablet,Mobile)

But for real deployment responsive layout modes , there are 4 modes (Desktop,Tablet,MiniTablet,Mobile)

Now i tested my (wordpress + content) website with real devices, For the modes that are below, it shows the site as per designed in the 3 modes(Desktop,Tablet,Mobile). But I tested it against a mini-tablet and the design were not what i wanted. So how do i get to edit a "Mini-tab" mode?


1 Answer

answered Feb 8, 2016 by sarah (15,240 points)

The settings which are done for the Tablet view, get adjusted automatically for the MiniTablet. If still, you are facing issue, please open a ticket at support http://templatetoaster.com/support for further assistance.
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