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Is it possible for the parent menu to be active/highlight while im inside the subpage of it?



When im inside the forum subpage.

I want the parent menu(which is the HELP) to be active/highlight so that I know which parent menu I am in.

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by lisa-west (35k points)

Currently, it is not possible and only the active menu item will get highlighted.
by conte (320 points)
I'm having the same problem and it is not a small problem because it's not good that a user doesn't know where he is in the "tree", expecially when due to design needs there's no brearcrumbs helping him.
It should be implemented asap, IMHO (Artisteer did it).
by fdonna (660 points)
this is becoming a VERY URGENT request!
My customers always complain about the missing active menu when a submenu item is selected and I cannot say that they are wrong.

Please, would you add this implementation to high priority development tasks?

Thank you very much
by hangbill (280 points)
100% agree. When are we getting this?
This is an obvious navigation requirement, especially if breadcrumbs are inappropriate for the site design. The active color of the parent menu item tells user what part of the tree he is on. Current solution is half-baked. It should be included, no cost !!
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