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I've created a theme that is WooCommerce compatible, and have made an extra template page which I've called "Template Page 1"

When selecting which template a page should use under the Page attributes, I notice an extra template choice is now available called "WooCommerce"

The pages don't seem to look any different when selecting the WooCommerce template, but should this option be applied to the "shop" "Basket" "Checkout" and "My Account" pages?

Hope someone can advise. :)


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by sarah (15.2k points)
The woocommerce page is for basic integration of WordPress theme with woocommerce. By creating a custom WooCommerce template this will be applied to every WooCommerce page including products, categories and archives.
by magicalwonders (1.9k points)
Hello Sarah,

When I look at the attributes for most pages when logged into the Wordpress Admin, it shows each page set on "Default Template". The WooCommerce pages show nothing in the box although all of my three template options are available in the drop down box.

As you can see from the "Basket" page in pic below, there is nothing showing as to which template is in use, but I can choose WooCommerce from the drop down. Should I just select WooCommerce template for the WooCommerce pages?

by sarah (15.2k points)
It is not compulsory to use woo-commerce page template but it would be nice to use it. Using woo-commerce template, it will apply its style's to every WooCommerce page including products, categories and archives.
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