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I am trying to make some minor adjustments with Stylizer 6 from Skybound.

The style sheets are not being picked up by the program, this is the comment from Andrew.

"It looks like your page is running a script on page load that is removing all style sheets linked by ordinary <link> tags from the DOM, and replacing them with style sheets in an inline <style> tag. Stylizer does not edit style sheets in <style> tags because there is no physical CSS file to edit (and this has always been the case). By the time the browser has finished loading the page and Stylizer starts initializing its real-time preview engine, all of the original <link> tags are gone, and Stylizer has no idea what CSS files were originally linked.
You'll only be able to edit this website in Stylizer if there is an option in Template Toaster to turn off this script (I took a quick look at the Template Toaster website but couldn't find anything)."

and in a second reply

"Thanks, the style sheet looks just fine to me. I think the only issue is in the way it is unlinked from the HTML on page load."

Please could you look at this and advise.

Thank you


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