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I purchased the pro version of the template toaster, thinking this would be a great asset as I could then start to create our own look for the site, but after a number of attempts have found it just does not work.
Magento 1.9.1 changes how themes work, but still is supposed to be able to use older versions of the themes, templates etc., which it does as our main site shows.
However, once you upload Template Toasters theme/template then it is just broken.
The only help you get from Template Toaster (after they actually read the correct site) is
"Please read the instructions properly provided at to add products on Home Page. This will help you to solve your problem regarding products.

TemplateToaster Support"

Considering I have been uploading and removing themes, templates for a few years now, I think I can read instructions, which are basically, upload the folders created to the correct locations.

Template Toaster 5 just does not work and help is none existent - so be warned.

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sorry for inconvenience caused to you, we have replied on your ticket please have a look at that.
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