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the default language of the templates is english, i tried to translate parts of it from the news into german, but whatever i do its still english, only if i change it in the theme php files i get i german. (like continue reading / posted at / older ....)

I tried poedit to translate .. made a into the template / language directory .. also in the wp-content / languages / themes .. seems not to work at all...

Someone maybe already translated it and got a working file ? or any other ideas how to get it to work ?

also tried the following:
- poedit create mo files
- saved them as / po / pot in the wp-content / template/ <template name> / languages directory
- saved them as <templatename>.mo /po / pot in the wp-content / template / <template name> /languages directory
- saved them as / po / pot in the wp-content / template / <template name> /languages directory
- same for the wp-content / languages and wp-content / languages / themes dircetories...
.. always no effekt. The standard themes all work perfekt.. only the templatetoaster themes .. are fu... up ... even artisteer got no problem with the languages... (yes i own both...but wanted to only use TT .. well ...)

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by sarah (15.2k points)
Sorry for the delay in reply. Please open a ticket at support with exported folder containing your language .mo file
by bertrand (140 points)
With TT when you open the menu File and Preferences you choose your language, but this is only for the menus but TT makes no translation of the theme, it's a feature that should be implemented.
To overcome this lack what to do is open with the software "Poedit" the file "tt-language.pot" located in the directory ..\wp-content\themes\yourtemplate\languages.; Then you translate each line you want to see translated into your language. After that you save this file named for the french "fr-FR.po" and Poedit generates also a file "". You put these 2 files in the  directory above and your theme will be translated into your language.
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