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The default size when starting is just "16" but no where does it state pt or pixel.  16pt and 16 pixel are two different sizes.

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TemplateToaster gives two choices to set the layout of the page. These are –

Fixed Width Layout –

In this layout, the dimensions of the site is bound to a certain number of pixels (px). You can select element width in pixels. Header, Menu, Slideshow, Sidebar, and Footer are the elements whose width is bound to pixels.

Fluid Width Layout –

In this layout, the dimensions are calculated in percentage (%). If you choose fluid width layout of your template/website, you can select the width of Header, Menu, Slideshow, Sidebar, and Footer in percentage.

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I'm sorry but this answer has nothing to do with font sizes.
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Interesting, that answer is to a question I asked some time ago about breakpoints vs fluid design with TT.
Sometimes I wonder if the moderators use fake names and English is not their native language!

I could not find anything either about your question or in the user guide. Do some searches with:
"difference between points and pixels"

All I could find was that Bootstrap 5 uses pixels.

As usual, put a ticket in and you'll probably get an answer.
If you do, please do a new post so we all know the answer.

(Too bad half the time they ask you to put a ticket in and the rest of us never see the answer.)

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