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can it be that the editing of elements in html5 mode is not fully supported?

While changing element styles in cms / shop mode works largely without any problems, in html5 mode this sometimes does not work or only partially.

For example with tables: Here I can change the background color in elements, but this only becomes visible when the page is rendered, not in the wysiwyg editor. However, if I change lines or spaces, this will not be accepted.

Which element changes should work in html5 mode and which shouldn't?

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Thanks for sharing your query, All the Elements of Element Tabs will work for HTML, But Changes can only be seen On Preview/Export. The Setting which is modified from Element Tab will work as Globally for all the elements in Template Toaster.
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But there are also numerous element changes that I can immediately see in the editor. How do I know what I have to render first and what is immediately visible? This mix is very confusing because I can't tell apart in the editor.
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