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I'm considering moving from Artisteer to TT and so far I'm impressed - but I'm still pretty green as to what it can do.

Would it be possible to achieve this? - - ie - a drop-down menu within a slider

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by sarah (15.2k points)

Yes, it is possible to have dropdown menu inside the slideshow. Please follow the steps to achieve this :
1) Draw a Widget area on slidshow, go to TemplateToaster -> Widget areas -> Draw
2) Select background color to no color for that slideshow position.
3) After that,from Wordpress admin -> Widgets -> Place your widget of dropdown menu to slideshow position
by grech1917 (780 points)
Thanks a lot for the reply - very happy here.

One further question if I may. Is it possible to do this with the menu - - ie when the screen scrolls the menu bar stays at the top.
by james (5.3k points)
Yes, you can have a sticky menu . For these you need to add some custom css, so please open a support ticket at with ttr file. Support team will help you to provide the required custom css.
by grech1917 (780 points)
Thanks for your reply

I've created a ticket as you suggest. But I'm wondering - does this mean that the CSS code will be different for each ttr file?
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