in Wordpress Themes by ss-entertainmentuk (240 points)
I have checked the documentation but can't seem to find this, so I apologise in advance.
I need to expand the slideshow box area and make the images larger in the slideshow too.

I have tried stretching but it remains a small size (scaled) - how can I make the slideshow div container larger itself please?
Thank you

2 Answers

by ss-entertainmentuk (240 points)
I have managed to do this, added background image instead of using the container.
Many thanks! :)
by emma-johnson (2.4k points)

To expand the slideshow container, there are three Width options in TemplateToaster for Slideshow:

- Full Width (To set full width to slideshow)

- Equal to Container width (To set the width equals to container width)

- Custom Width (You can select any custom width according to your requirement.)

And to set the images in Slideshow which is equal to the SlideShow box area, use the image as the background image. You can add a background image from Slideshow tab-> Background-> Images
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