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I am using TT to create a Wordpress site.
When adding the image as a full width, fully responsive background (i.e a header image) - it really reduces the image quality.
These are high resolution images so they should be fine, but I can't get them to work.
I've tried several pre-made themes and making one from scratch.
The image quality ends up being rather poor.

Also, is it possible to get a style working with a nice full width, fully responsive header image with the menus below.
I have tried the responsiveness and it's not quite right.
Thank you also for sorting my account out.
Many thanks!

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We have stretch options in TemplateToaster for the background images. Stretch options are None, Fill, Uniform, and Uniform to Fill.

If you set the stretch to Uniform to Fill it will adjust the background image for all responsive. This option will resize the image to fill the destination dimensions while preserving its native aspect ratio.

To change the stretch of the image, follow these steps:

Header tab-> Background-> Images-> More Images-> Stretch: "Uniform to Fill" 

Please check the screenshot for your reference below.

by ss-entertainmentuk (240 points)
Thank you for the response, I appreciate it.
I have done that, and when I preview the image in say Chrome for example, the image becomes very poor quality.
Blurred and not as clear or as crisp.
This is the first site for a client since purchase so I apologise in advance.
Thank you
Kind regards
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