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Hi, i'm trying out Template Toaster 8 with the pre-defined sample template (Grey one with "we create the web") written on it. As the page scrolls the menu which I confined to within the container expands to fill the screen width. is there a way to keep the menu the original container width size? I've read through the forum and the solution offered does not work.



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Thanks for letting us know about the situation. We'd love to help you with this.

The width of the menu expands when the page scrolls because the sticky menu option is selected. In the case of the sticky menu, we have given full width to the menu when it's on top.

If you want any custom solution for this, we can create a Custom CSS for you. For that, please create a support ticket and share your ttr file in the ticket. So that we can provide you an appropriate solution.

You can create a support ticket from this link:
by spellcast (160 points)
Where exactly did you specify full width and in what file as I can then simply change the setting that you specified please :-)
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