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Hello TemplateToaster Team,

is it possible to use TT Templates from Version 4 or 7 in Joomla 4? Or do I have to build them new from scretch?

Many thanks on advance for your feedback.

Regards, Ina

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by lisa-west (35.1k points)


TemplateToaster Version 8 provides compatibility with Joomla 4.

So to use TemplateToaster Version 7 templates for Joomla 4, you have to open TemplateToaste Version 7 templates first in TemplateToaster Version 8 and then export them for Joomla 4.

To export the template for Joomla 4, please select the Joomla version 4 radio button from Export Dialog Box. (please see attachment)


by weissflog (120 points)
Thanks for the quick answer on TT 7 templates. What about TT4 Templates? Do I have to rebuild those in TT8? Or is there any easy process as well?
Many thanks in advance.
by bp-web (400 points)
Hi Weissflog, Did you succeed in migrating to Joomla 4 after migrating TT7 to TT8 template. I tried this but it ruines my layout (CSS). In fact the header menu, the content and mainly the text and links in the footer modules are corrupted.
Do you recognize these issues and were you able to solve it?
Regards, Benny
by weissflog (120 points)
Hi Benny,
I only encountered a corrupted template after I had forgottten to clean my browser cache. If you delete any cookies and browser history in your browser settings than it should work fine.
Hopefully this also will help you.
Regards, Ina Weissflog
by bp-web (400 points)
Hello Ina,

Thank you for answering my post.
In my case the issues are not related to caching. I've therefore created a support case and TT-support advised me to test an export without content but this also did not resolve the issue. Hopefully they find a way to get this resolved or find what i did wrong with this template.

Regards, Benny.
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