in Joomla Templates by weissflog (120 points)
Hello TemplateToaster Team,

is it possible to use TT Templates from Version 4 or 7 in Joomla 4? Or do I have to build them new from scretch?

Many thanks on advance for your feedback.

Regards, Ina

1 Answer

by lisa-west (34.4k points)


TemplateToaster Version 8 provides compatibility with Joomla 4.

So to use TemplateToaster Version 7 templates for Joomla 4, you have to open TemplateToaste Version 7 templates first in TemplateToaster Version 8 and then export them for Joomla 4.

To export the template for Joomla 4, please select the Joomla version 4 radio button from Export Dialog Box. (please see attachment)


by weissflog (120 points)
Thanks for the quick answer on TT 7 templates. What about TT4 Templates? Do I have to rebuild those in TT8? Or is there any easy process as well?
Many thanks in advance.
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