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I have a couple of Joomla pages that are accessed by hyperlinks in the footer the pages were not designed with TT. I can assign the links to the text using TT and the pages do load when each link is selected, however, the pages are not formatted like all other pages on the site that were designed using TT. The most glaring problem is that the footer is not displayed and the header and menu elements are not horizontally alligned. Any help on how I can make this page load like all the pages designed on TT?

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by erkbiz (500 points)
As has happened in the past after I post a question I do more thinking and figure it out myself. My issue is now a non-issue.
by emma-johnson (2.4k points)

We're glad that you figured it out and you not getting any issues anymore.

Just for future reference, if you add new pages from the Joomla backend then it will take styling according to the category you choose while creating a page. If you choose the Page category then pages will have styling according to the Home page of TemplateToaster. If you choose the Uncategorised option from the category then it will take styling to the blog page.

So, you can choose the category to apply styling on pages
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