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Once a word press theme is uploaded to server, what plugin do I use to edit the content? Example: All I want to do is change a word or two on the home page so I go to Login to word press>Pages>All Pages> Home>Edit, there is nothing there. Go to code editor all that is there is CSS call outs. However when site is visited all the content is there. So do I need a plugin like block editor, Gutenberg, or what? Basically one I hand a site off to a client how do they make changes?

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Yes Of course you can change the word or paragraph even after uploading it to server you will not even need any other plugin,  you will just need to follow some of the simple steps to do so,

Open WordPress -> Select the page option -> Click on the page in which you want to make change -> whole page paragraph will be displayed, make the change you want to make -> Update

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