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Menu arrow sticks to the button. How do I set the space from the button to the arrow?

How to set the left padding for Ordered/Unordered list in frontend? They have shifted to the left outside of content area.

Ordered/Unordered list also are not visible in backend - admin editor area.

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To separate the arrow from the menu text all you need to add the custom CSS, as TemplateToaster also provides a separate section to add the custom designing as per as user requirements, to add the custom css follow these steps.
Choose General -> click on CSS -> Write the custom css code -> Save.

The issue Related to the shifting of the element outside the content area has been resolved ,You might be using old version of TemplateToaster, This issue has been sorted out. you can download The latest version by clicking on this link below.
Please once check it in the latest version, if still you face the same issue please open support ticket at : and provide your .ttr file as well as exported zip. Our support team will guide you accordingly.

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