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Question, what about newer versions?
Version 8 is not yet bug free, so I have never been able to use this for Wordpress, Joomla.  For Joomal I still use TT 7, because it seems to have no more bugs, at least what I could notice.

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Please mention the issue you are facing and open a Support Ticket at . Our Support Team will guide you accordingly.
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Good day.
I just can't understand why a lot of things that worked in version 7 don't work in version 8 anymore, including the unordered lists and the ordered lists, this one is not displayed correctly in the WordPress blog. No longer displayed in posts after, "read more".  But only in web browser, mobile phone works. Some works in the browser, some works in the mobile phone, or not, it's really tedious. Certainly the program is very complex, but why is it not possible to make something that worked in version 7 work in version 8? I use Joomla and WordPress, and version 8 does not work correctly in both systems, but version 7 does, is it really impossible to correct this?
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