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I designed my own template and I was able to upload the zipped file of my theme to WordPress, but when I went to view the site the only page I could view was the blog page. None of the other content in my theme was visible. When I watched the video you provided on your website there was an option to import content after activating the theme. When I activated the theme I was not given the option to import content. Can you please let me know why only one page of my theme is showing up or offer some advice on how to troubleshoot my problem?

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At the time of Export, first check the Content checkbox then Export.

You can import content by using following steps in Wordpress:

Appearance > Theme Options > Import Content.
by it108 (120 points)
I followed this instructions, I click several times in import content button and nothing happen. Instructions are clear, Do you have any suggestion?. My hosting provider: Bluehost           WordPress version 5.5.1. The only plugin requested by the template was WF form.
asked Sep 20, 2020 in Wordpress Themes by it108 (120 points) Import content button do not work?
by homesite4u (140 points)
I followed the instructions above and ... nothing. The content checkbox is checked and I export the theme to a zip file. I add the theme to WP, then go to the theme options and import content. Nothing happens.

I don't want to build this in WP. Defeats the purpose in using TT.
Please help! I have two other sites to build and I like the ease and templates in this program. I am using Bluehost as well.
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