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Hello TT,

With TT, I made a WP theme about 4 years ago (maybe with TT version 6 or something). The situation as follows:

  • The theme has been in use as an e-store with Woocommerce plugin. (That time designing specifically a Woocommerce theme was not available in TT).
  • The theme hasn't been updated since.
  • The store has 700+ products.

My questions:

  • Could you please advise what to expect if I open the theme with the latest TT, save it, export, and activate. Do you think it will look the same?
  • Where should I expect problems? 
  • Is there any better way in this particular case?
  • Or, should I make a new Woocommerce theme and activate that?
  • What happens when you change theme?

I'm sorry for asking so many questions, but I am lost is this regard. Thank you so much in advance.

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