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Hi guys,

for European GDPR I want to implement a script from Cookiebot in the head-tag of my TemplateToaster Template.

I made a copy of the following script 

<id="Cookiebot" src="" data-cbid="40d7645f-3a5c-4450-8056-a5848dffd5e2" data-blockingmode="auto" type="text/javascript">

in the field of the Java Script Editor. 

But it doesn´t work. Unfortunately no reaction. 

Has anybody an idea, how I can implement this script in my template toaster templates so that it will work?

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by robert-williams (5.2k points)


TemplateToaster provide Custom CSS and JavaScript editor, you can add your custom CSS and java script code in custom editors instead of adding separate files. In case to embed additional CSS and script files to your Joomla template please refer to the link:

by maximilian-zapf (140 points)
Thx fpor your reply. I made an insert in the TT JAvascript editor but i didn´t work, I´ll ry your advice. Will it be overwritten by updating the template?
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