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How do I add an HTML box which will then add a webpage counter, cities who have visited my website etc.

With my old software Globescape CuteSITE builder, it had the option to "Insert your own html". 

This gave the ability to add a reCAPTCHA "I am not a Robot" check box. 

Or a visitor location and number of visits counter (Revolver Maps Counter)

Or any other item which used html or javascript.

Thank You

Don Resor

1 Answer

by robert-williams (5.2k points)
TemplateToaster provide the facility to add the HTML code on content. You can simply paste the HTML code on TemplateToaster will render it automatically.

For additional CSS or JavaScript you can find the option here :-

Open TemplateToaster > HTML > Start from Scratch > General Tab > Find JavaScript and CSS under Editor.
by rbchandler (120 points)
That is not an answer. Tried that, It did absolutely nothing.
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