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Hi all,

cause of the GDPR Compliance (DSGVO) in Europe all Google fonts should be installed on the own webspace, without any connection to Google. Well, I declared all Google Fonts to "None", all Own Fonts to "None". All fonts should be only system fonts, but there ist still traffic zu Google. How can I solve this issue? Is there any simple an easy way (Using Joomla)?



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by robert-williams (5.2k points)

Please provide your live site address.
by maximilian-zapf (140 points)

of course: The URL:
by bodo-reinwaldt (200 points)
I checked all fonts in all versions (desktop, tablet, mobile). I´ve still one font OPEN SANS whicht calling to Google. Does anybody has tipp or trick, how I can find the location of the used font? I am getting crazy.
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