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Hi to all,

I've two question someone can help me, pls?

1. when i remove all widget from WP Backend (Apparence/Widgets/Left Sidebar) then two "indipendent" widgets appear in the landig page: Search and Calendar.

I find, in the theme, this file ( sidebar-1.php). what it this?

2.I've created a fluid and responsive template for joomla and wordpress. I insert the logo in the header and i set it to align with the page (the page is set to 80% while the menu and headers are the full width of the screen)

Unfortunately when I try the template at a resolution higher than that with which I designed the logo is "misaligned". I try use this code in custom css ... but it doesnt work.

Can u help me?

Thanks a lot.


1 Answer

by robert-williams (1.5k points)

TemplateToaster provided default widgets in case sidebar is added form TemplateToaster but all widgets are removed from WP backend.

And please open ticked for your logo alignment issue and provide the ttr file so that we can check the issue and guide you accordingly.

To open ticket go to the following link:

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